Choose the amount of slots

Each box contains of 2 slots, that are based on different sides.

If you want to place a box next to a wall, we will make a box with only 1 slot in the front. The size will be smaller.

The price is 500€ for a standart box without green roof (200€),charging (150€), and the electronic Locker (100€).

We recommend buying the such a variant for a personal use.

If you take more than 1 slot, the price for box, green roof, and charging will be lower.

Choose the material and color

You may choose the metal, Corten® steel, or the transparent antivandal plastic.

The border color may be chosen by you. We use the durable paint, that protects the metal from corosion.

the luxurious Corten® steel

the transparent plastic makes the placing of box safe on a street. Due to regulations in some countries, such boxes should be transparent in case of the terrorist threat.