Data Analyst Intern

You will work with data: make polls, customer analysis, find the most attractive places to place the boxes

Marketing Intern

You will

Technology Intern

You will design, and construct prototypes of bicycle box. We will provide all the needed materials.

Web Development Intern

You will be responsible for editing of a website, and SEO

App development Intern

You will develop IOS or Android application, that will help users to open boxes and pay for the usage of it

IOT Intern

You will connect electronic locks to the server, and to the app.

Supply chains and operation management Intern

You will find the factories, that will be able to produce our boxes, and also find all the materials, and shipment

Law Intern

You will be responsible for management of GmbH, making the agreements with clients and work with property rights.

We don't have a huge budget, so we decided to work by an internship model with ability to get share of company or to be paid when we will have enough revenue or investments.

This is a good opportunity to try your first Job in Austria.

You may work from 5 to 20 hours per week

We work online and meet every week at Vienna University of Economics or in the 19th district, depending on corona situation. As a bonus, We will eat pizza during every meeting.

If you want to work in Austrian Boxes, but there is no suitable position for you, just write an email to with your CV and we will create a position for you.