For government

The average price of bikes sold in Austria in 2020 is 1769€. However, people can't use them in a city, because it is not safe: 57 bike are stolen each day in Vienna. People just use bikes for fitness or adventures. For cities people buy inexpensive bikes for 200-300€. Bicycle boxes solve this problem. 10 bicycle slots are smaller than 1 parking slot, so you may place it anywhere: in the city center, near museums, schools, churches, universities or even parks. We created the locks that are opening with an app, like an e-scooter sharing. You get the profit and serve the app. For this we take 12% of comission. We recommend to try the bicycle boxes with 4-6 bike slots to understand the demand. After 1 full year of test, you will know if the demand works. However we propose to order boxes earlier to have enough time to produce as much boxes as possible. If the order will be huge, then the price per box will be the lowest. We create boxes in Austria.

For hotels

People want to travel with bikes: go the forest, mountains, through the river. However, only few hotels allow to come with bicycles, fever have a place to keep bike safely and to have a possibility to charge an e-bike. Bicycle boxes will attract new guest. You may also keep the bikes that you are renting out there. We recommend to try the bicycle boxes with 2-4 slots for small guest houses, and 4-8 for medium and large hotels. We recommend the password lockers. It is not comfortable, and not safe to carry keys, e.g., if a person uses a road bike or MTB.

For Business

People want to go to the work by bicycles, because it is healthy and fast. Moreover, the average price of bikes sold in Austria in 2020 is 1769€. 57 bikes get stolen each day in Vienna. Thieves also steal parts of bike. So keeping the bike on the bicycle rack is not safe. Sometimes it rains, and we dont want people to ride wet bikes. Moreover rainwater makes the chain and cranks rusty. Just leave the bike at work in box and go home by bus and take bike next day. If you or your employees have an e-bike, they can charge them inside a box. Your workers may also leave own stuff inside. We recommend to use a passcode or a key lock.